Action Dress Robes Of A Doctor Long Sleeve

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Specification of Action Dress Robes Of A Doctor Long Sleeve

This one shirt you often encounter is worn by a doctor or nurse for action in the operating room, with designs and materials that have been adapted to a dynamic and flexible operation process.

The material of surgical robes is selected from a young material cleaned, air circulation is also well made and anti-bacterial. This helps in maintaining the durability of the use of surgical robes that can be used continuously. The cloak dryer is very fast due to the easy drying of the material.

Some Flexible Functions:

The design of the shirt is made with a binder at the waist to tighten the shirt, the tip of the hand is rubbered to meet and provide comfort and flexibility in the operation action. A set of cloaks is equipped with a head cap that has a rope on the back for use in conjunction with a cloak So that the sweat from the head does not drip in the area of ​​operation and so that the hair part does not disturb when the operation takes place. Equipped with a cloth mask for the completeness of the cloak operation.

How To Care Cloak Or Clothes Operation:

Wash the surgical clothes after each use.

Soak the surgical clothes in a detergent solution to soften.

Give disinfectant if the surgery process involves a lot of blood.

When washing using a washing machine use a slow or soft spin.

When in the process pengerigan clothes operations try to avoid direct sunlight, you can use a washing machine dryer when needed.

Operation iron with heat not too high to avoid damage to fabric.

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