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Since 2012 LAMPIONKU Group has been believed to provide decorative and lighting solutions including: CHINESE Lantern Crafts, JAPANESE Lanterns, Hanging Lanterns, Flying Lanterns, Floating Lanterns, Custom Lanterns, Decorative Lamps, Decorative Lamps, Garden Lanterns, PAR Spotlights, Brass Morrocan Lamps and other Custom Lights like a tile lamp.

The lamp is a legacy of ancestors since long ago and is well known in the world market. Lamps made of aluminum, brass and broken glass are uniquely designed and antique by relying on the high aesthetic side. It is said that the existence of this center before the beginning of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Gradually, the existence of many lamps attracted many collectors for various purposes of decorating the room and collections in several rooms of houses, hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Some collections of classic modern style lamps from Moroccan, Mediterranean, and Oriental styles are tailored to the needs of consumers from hanging lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, and candle holders with brass material combined with various bevel glass, colorful icy flora glass on demand consumer.

The artistic lights are very appealing to anyone who sees these lights, perfect for use in hotels, restaurants and homes. We sell Cianjur lamp, Cianjur district, West Java, unique lamp, Cement lamp, Cianjur lamp, price of lamp, Cianjur lamp price, Price of lamp, Manufacturer of typical cianjur, Selling antique lamps, antique lamp shop old brass frame tile, Unique tile lamp gallery, Supplier of antique lamp houses, Distributor of antique octagonal tile lamps, Selling unique cianjur decorative lamps, Craftsmen typical hanging lamps for cheap prices, Hanging Lamps, Wholesale typical hanging lamp tiles.

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