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Specification of Price Raised Floor MIRA Saito Wooden Type HPL

Raised Floor Mira Saito Wooden type HPL & amp; Bare:

Raised Floor or Access Floor is a type of anti-static stage floor in the form of tiles that are made precisely and international standardization with the knock down system (easily installed in a short time and It is possible to be demolished when it will be relocated) with its main function to raise the level of a room, and the room can be used for many purposes such as data center, control room, office room, laboratory, telecommunications and battery rooms.

Brand: Mira Raised Floor System

Series: Wooden

Made in: China

Material: Chipboard Wood

Dimension: 600 x 600 x 38 mm

Uniform Load Panel: 11,113 N /M2

Concentrate Panel Load: 3,112 N

Understructure: pedestal & amp; Galvanized striger

Finishing (Type HPL): Antistatic HPL

Finishing (Type Bare): Customs

In the empty space below it can also be used for various kinds of plantation, piping, control systems and fire suppression, so that the room will look neat and easy In maintenance, the need for raised floor or access floor is very helpful.

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Jln.Moch.Rasyid No.9 B, RT.12 RW.O3, Kelurahan Mulyorejo, Sukun District, Kota & Nbsp; Malang - East Java - Indonesia 65147.

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