ATUNAS Vests At Cheap Prices
ATUNAS Vests At Cheap Prices
ATUNAS Vests At Cheap Prices
ATUNAS Vests At Cheap Prices
ATUNAS Vests At Cheap Prices
ATUNAS Vests At Cheap Prices
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08 Nov 2019
1 pcs
IDR 165.000

Specification of

Since 2011 we have distributed Local Safety Shoes, KINGS, AETOS, BATA, CHEETAH, CATERPILLAR, KRISBOW, KRUSHERS, RED WING, SAFETY JOGGER, UNICORN, DR OSHA, PENGUIN and various other brands. Also distributor of safety equipment, safety wear and fire extinguishers (APAR). Trusted by more than 100 SOE clients, private companies & government agencies in Indonesia. In addition, we are a provider of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solutions: safety shoes, safety helmets, fall protectors, head protectors, work uniforms, raincoats, various safety devices, sanitation, digital meters, material handling and various industrial equipment.One of our safety products is a buoy, as one of the mandatory products you use when you are at sea. There are a number of forms of buoy that are commonly used in the ocean. Its function is to help the user, either consciously or subconsciously, to stay afloat with the mouth and nose on the surface of the water or while in the water. In Indonesia, this device must be approved by the Indonesian Classification Bureau (BKI). Life jackets are designed differently between passengers / crew (helicopters / aircraft) and ships (ships, passenger ships, ferries). For life jacket, generally use styrofoam foam material.The styrofoam foam is wrapped in a life jacket. Usually used for safety of ships, water buses and boats. Orange in color, to facilitate the evacuation process in the event of an accident. Equipped with a whistle and lights that live when the battery is submerged in water. one type of buoy is the ATUNAS brand with complete specifications:
In addition to safety clothing, one of the important ones is the atunas water vest, which is designed specifically for personal safety, especially when exercising. Used for banana boat, rafting, snorkeling and others ". Life Jacket which is a safety standard for every sea transportation. This type is known to be economical and has a minimum standard for life vest. Floating power is higher than other brands. The color of blue or black rope depends on factory.Price listed for size L each size with different prices.
Life Jacket Size According To Weight:
1. Weight 60 - 70 kg / person with size "S" with the price of Rp. 85,000
2. Weight 70-80 kg / person with size "M" at a price of Rp. 100,000
3. Weight 80 - 90 kg / person with a size "L" at a price of Rp. 110,000
4. Weight 90-100 kg / person with size "XL" with a price of Rp. 165,000

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