Raincoat Brand TIGER HEAD Type 68214

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25 Jul 2023
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Specification of Raincoat Brand TIGER HEAD Type 68214

Raincoat Brand TIGER HEAD Type 68214 Surabaya:

Raincoat Tiger Head 68214 is a motorcycle jacket product with modern and innovative models. Consists of 2 parts of the poncho's raincoat tops and trousers. Excess raincoat poncho is easier and faster when you want to use. Because the raincoat model poncho does not require a zipper or buttons like in a raincoat model clothes. So your head and body are immediately protected from the heavy rain. No need to open the hood first, use zipper and buttons again. How to wear it the same as if you want to wear a T-shirt. Very practical and fast so you do not get hit by rain water.

Then for the waist down, you just wear a raincoat pants are also included in the package Tin Head 68214 raincoat is. Made of flexible PVC material, durable and not penetrating water. Flexible PVC material is more comfortable to use so it does not seem to restrict movement while riding a motorcycle. If you want the foot or your shoe is also protected from rain then it can also buy raincoats shoes. More practical, simple and important can protect your shoes and socks from wetness.

That's some advantages poncho raincoat plus Tiger Head 68214 pants compared with other motorcycle jacket. The design is modern, innovative, simple and easier to use. Made of PVC material that is not water-penetrating, flexible and durable.

Tiger Head Rain Size 68214

Rain coat tiger head 68214 sold in All Size size. The specifications for this raincoat dimension are as follows:

Size: all size.

High poncho robe: 100 cm.

Wide poncho cloak: 130 cm (just wide body only, not added arm length).

Long pants 100 cm.

Rub the waistband of the pants 35-55cm.

Hip width of pants 60cm.

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