Counseling for Breastfeeding KITs - Complete Breastfeeding Counselor
Counseling for Breastfeeding KITs - Complete Breastfeeding Counselor
Counseling for Breastfeeding KITs - Complete Breastfeeding Counselor
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06 Sep 2019
1 pcs
IDR 670.000

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Breastfeeding kit counseling is a device used by counselors (people who provide counseling) to support counseling activities on how to breastfeed properly.

This Breastfeeding Kit Counseling Package consists of:

1. Babies: Used as baby displays to explain the proper position and attachment in breastfeeding, display how to soothe the baby when the baby is colic, holding a safe baby etc.

2. Breast model / Breast model: Used as a teaching aid in breast anatomy, the mechanism of production and removal of breast milk, sticking position demonstration while breastfeeding, and demonstration of how to milk the breast with the right hand.

3. Syringe / syringe 20 cc intact: Used as a tool for media giving milk breast milk / supplementation in cases of relactation (breastfeeding back to the breast)

4. Syringe / syringe 20 cc tip cut then inserted upside down: Used as a prop to pull the nipple, on the condition of the mother's nipples that flail or flat.

5. Feeding Tube (Nasogastric tube / NGT): Used as a tool for giving breast milk / supplementation media in cases of relactation (breastfeeding back to the breast), where the NGT hose will be attached to the mother's breast then milk / supplementation will be flowed through the end of the adapter hose connected to a 20 cc syringe containing milk / supplementation.

6. ASI Cup / Sloki Cup: Used as an alternative medium for giving breast milk to babies. It is strictly forbidden to use pacifier bottles in breastfeeding to avoid the risk of nipple confusion and other breastfeeding problems.

7. Gastric Balls / Belly Ball - Display Baby Stomach Size

As a visual a good gastric measurement include:

Small marbles, the size of the stomach of a newborn baby

Big marbles, baby's stomach size 3-5 days old

Pimpong ball, the size of the stomach of a baby aged 1 week

Chicken eggs, baby stomach size 2-4 weeks

The baby stomach size display is very important to provide information to nursing mothers that with the baby's stomach size is still small, then the need for breast milk is also still small, so breastfeeding mothers do not need to worry if the production of breastmilk at the beginning of childbirth is still small, this is to avoid giving prelacteal fluid to the baby.

Nursing Kit Counseling Bag

Used as a container / storage for all counseling equipment, so that it is practical, easy to carry and keep from water and dust.



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