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China Imported Satin Cloth Umbrella
China Imported Satin Cloth Umbrella
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Specification of China Imported Satin Cloth Umbrella

Since 2012 LAMPIONKU Group is believed to provide decorative and lighting solutions including:
CHINESE Lantern Crafts, JAPANESE Lanterns, Hanging Lanterns, Flying Lanterns, Floating Lanterns, Custom Lanterns, Decorative Lights, Garden Lanterns, PAR Spotlights, Brass Morrocan Lights and other Custom Lights.Apart from that we also provide Chinese Decorative Umbrellas. Chinese Umbrellas or often referred to as geulis umbrellas in Indonesia is one of China's imported products that use satin fabric with painting techniques for decoration. This ornamental umbrella is very suitable to be used as photo accessories pre-wedding or complement your wedding decorations. In addition to accompanying your special day this decorative umbrella can also be used as a unique gift for your good relatives or friends.

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