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Payung Hias Dekorasi Jepang Motiv SAKURA
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Sell Payung Hias Dekorasi Jepang Motiv SAKURA

Specification of Payung Hias Dekorasi Jepang Motiv SAKURA

Since 2012 LAMPIONKU Group is believed to provide decorative and lighting solutions including:

CHINESE Lantern Crafts, JAPANESE Lanterns, Hanging Lanterns, Flying Lanterns, Floating Lanterns, Custom Lanterns, Decorative Lights, Garden Lanterns, PAR Spotlights, Brass Morrocan Lights and other Custom Lights.

Not only the LAMPION products that we have brought from China, another handicraft product is one of these PAINTING PAINTS. Indeed, paper umbrellas are very rarely used by modern society today. However, because of its uniqueness and beauty of its motiv, this PAINTING PAINTING UMBRELLA is often used as an attribute of photography, wedding room decoration, or maybe hanging decoration hanging in the room.

The specifications for this PAINTING PAPER UMBRELLA are as follows:

Diameter 84 cm

Paper Material with HAND PAINTING techniques

SAKURA Motivation

Weight 400 grams

Without a minimum purchase

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