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Honeycomb Paper Pom Poms
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Specification of Honeycomb Paper Pom Poms

Since 2012 LAMPIONKU Group is believed to provide decorative and lighting solutions including:
CHINESE Lantern Crafts, JAPANESE Lanterns, Hanging Lanterns, Flying Lanterns, Floating Lanterns, Custom Lanterns, Decorative Lights, Garden Lanterns, PAR Spotlights, Brass Morrocan Lights and other Custom Lights.Apart from lanterns we also sell paper poms, if you are going to have a party or just looking for a way to decorate the house, pompon flowers are a fun option to add a festive touch to anything. Pompoms are funny objects that are round and very soft. There are many types for these poms from small, large poms, in addition to the shape of the pom-pom material, there are various types of paper, tissue paper and wool yarn.We provide all types and models for these poms, one of them is HONEYCOMB POMS. What are HONEYCOMB POMS? Now this pom-pom is a craft of paper that is formed to resemble a flower. Usually he is used as a decoration for a wedding or birthday party. For our PomPom Flowers, it is available in diameters of 25 cm and 30 cm with various color choices as shown.

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