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SLK Cross Quality Sandals - Cow Leather - Black
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Sell SLK Cross Quality Sandals - Cow Leather - Black

Specification of SLK Cross Quality Sandals - Cow Leather - Black

Since 2011 we have distributed Local Safety Shoes, KINGS, AETOS, BATA, CHEETAH, CATERPILLAR, KRISBOW, KRUSHERS, RED WING, SAFETY JOGGER, UNICORN, DR OSHA, PENGUIN and various other brands. Also distributor of safety equipment, safety wear and fire extinguishers (APAR). Trusted by more than 100 SOE clients, private companies & government agencies in Indonesia. In addition, we are a provider of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solutions: safety shoes, safety helmets, fall protectors, head protectors, work uniforms, raincoats, various safety devices, sanitation, digital meters, material handling and various industrial equipment.In addition to the above products, we also provide equipment to complement your fashion, one of them is sandals. Sandals or sandals are one of the models of footwear that are open at the toe or heel of the wearer. The base (sol) is connected with a rope or belt that functions as a brace (anchor) in the fingers, instep, or ankle so that the sandals are not separated from the wearer's feet. Sandals with covers on the back and fingers, but open on the heel and ankle are called slippers.Flip-flops or Japanese sandals are colorful sandals made of rubber or plastic. The "v" shaped clasp connects the front to the back of sandals. Sandals from used tires are called bandol sandals (short for bodhol tires or old tires) while sandals that are like shoes are called sandals or mountain sandals.The base can be made of rubber, plastic, wood, old tires, woven rope or woven grass. The heel (right) of women's sandals is generally made higher than the front so that the wearer's body posture looks better. In contrast to sandals that are only worn by men for casual occasions, women often wear sandals when attending official occasions. In Western culture, men usually do not wear socks when wearing sandals or slippers.For this type of sandals, this one is reliable SLK Quality Cross-Material Cowhide Leather-Black that appears with a black bandage available sizes from 39 to 43 and made from cow leather.

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