PDH 02 Daily Reseleting Synthetic Shoes
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28 Oct 2019
1 pcs
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Since 2011 we have distributed Local Safety Shoes, KINGS, AETOS, BATA, CHEETAH, CATERPILLAR, KRISBOW, KRUSHERS, RED WING, SAFETY JOGGER, UNICORN, DR OSHA, PENGUIN and various other brands. Also distributor of safety equipment, safety wear and fire extinguishers (APAR). Trusted by more than 100 SOE clients, private companies & government agencies in Indonesia.In addition we are a provider of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solutions: safety shoes, safety helmets, fall protectors, head protectors, work uniforms, raincoats, various safety equipment, sanitation, digital meters, material handling and various industrial equipment.Safety Shoes (Safety Shoes) is one of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that must be worn by someone when working to avoid the risk of accidents. Not just to protect the body parts of workers at the risk of accidents, but by wearing Safety shoes workers will be more free to move to increase the effectiveness and expected production results.If you are one of the workers in the field of state defense, POLRI, TNI, SOLDIERS, you must know about the dh2 02 daily service shoe that is very elastic with zippers and made from synthetic materials. With complete specifications as below:
Synthetic leather finish plain.
Anti-slip rubber sole.
The inner layer of marimes foam absorbs sweat so it is very comfortable to wear.
There is iron in the sole of the shoe sole so that the sole is not broken.
Side reseleting model.
Standard Size of the Indonesian National Police Rations Available Size 39 - 43 (Because we serve the Indonesian National Police Rations).
Size (measured from heel to toe)
Daily service glossy shoes size: 39 = 24-25 cm
Synthetic shoes type 02 size: 40 = 25-26 cm
Daily zipper service shoes size: 41 = 26-27 cm
Shoes in synthetic material size: 42 = 27-28 cm
POLRI shoes shining size: 43 = 28-29 cmProvide Shoes:
- Riding / BM
- Pataka
- Provost / PM / Rabbit shoes
- Safety
- casual

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